OLD school project – part II

Moving along the school projects memory lane, I came across my car modeling assignment. My choice of car – Audi R8 Spyder – beautiful, aggressive, fast.

This was a high poly modeling project. I ended up with almost 70k polys, but plenty of those went into minor details like the inside of the headlights and tail lights.

As opposed to box modeling, I chose to build up the car based on curves. While it may take a little longer in the early stages, it definitely provides more accuracy and once the general profile is set up it’s a matter of connecting the dots, of course good blueprints are a must. I was particularly satisfied with the-blueprints.com

One of the most apparent elements of a car is its paint. So the first render didn’t turn out too great and since all the geometry was there I really wanted to only use a material instead of textures. A quick search didn’t uncover fast enough a guide on how use the Car Paint shader built in XSI, but it did turn up a very nice step by step tutorial on how to get you custom car shader by mixing several color shades (driven by an Incidence node – so no manual coloring involved) connected to the input of a basic Phong. Most likely the same scheme can be applied to a Car Paint shader to get it right, but I felt like the tutorial was easy enough to follow and it gave decent results.

Apparently this particular video will be removed soon, so act fast if you’re curious about it car-paint-tutorial

I played around with a few light setups…Finally decided on one and on a HDR image for the enviroment, because a car needs to reflect something…

Got a few renders and a quick turn table. Everything done in Softimage (XSI).

Audi R8 Spyder – turn table

It was really fun working on a car. Maybe one of my next projects will be to low rez it. Soon…

More projects coming up. Stay tuned!

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