OLD school projects

I was looking through my backups and I came across old school projects. So I figured “why not share them?” It’s funny looking back!

It all started with Photoshop… Given an unlit scene, we had to give it some personality by using 3 sources of light (you can see the original scene in the “painting” hanging on the wall). All in PS. My sources – the fire, the candles and the stormy night outside. This was right at the beginning so I guess it could’ve gone a lot worse…

More Photoshop. If I remember correctly the assignment was to put together sort of a matte painting, relying heavily on references – so basically stitching it up. This particular class was scheduled in the evening. It was the winter semester, so what else could I have been longing for? Spring of course! And I was hungry as a dragon. Anyway, moving along.

The famous barrel texturing. This particular one has had a long life of being scratched, splashed and corroded and still survives. We were given the model for the barrel so all I did was paint the textures (diffuse, bump and specular) in Photoshop, apply them in XSI and render everything. Looking back at this render, it’s hard to decide whether the planes with the concrete texture are helping even a little bit or are just spoiling the image, because obviously no work was done there. Good thing I learned in the meantime not to be so sloppy.

Here we were given this cute little demon called Hank, all already unwrapped and had to texture him in Photoshop. Don’t you just love the clone stamp tool?

Again texturing, but this time we were to take advantage of the toon shader in XSI. The texture map is 256×256 and that’s just because of the surf board, Morlock only uses about 12 pixels – collapse the UVs to a point and move around specific vertices depending on the gradient or solid color you want to get. It was a really fun project! Anyway, I felt like the (original) dark and gloomy Morlock needed a vacation.

I guess I could have called this “My baby-steps through learning Photoshop”. Such a relief that I got much better at it! Good textures can do wonders for a model and proper lighting will make everything just beautiful. I for one enjoy the modeling part best, but truth be told, it’s all teamwork – model, texture, light and render. Every 3d model will be as good as you make it look.

More old stories and projects coming up. Stay tuned!

some ideas for the little girl's room

some ideas for the father's workshop

City concepts























































































with forest










village contrast


Version 1


Version 2


Version 3


Version 4


Final 1464x2115


Final 1462x1850


Final 1310x1481


Final 1420x1113


Final 1420x1113 - no forest































My Precious












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