Achenar’s House – Myst fan art

The final renders side-by-side

Bright and sunny version. Post-processing in Photoshop.

Final cold night, unwelcoming, a little spooky render. Post-processing in Photoshop.


Making of Achenar’s house from Myst – fan art

I was a big fan of the Myst series back in the day. This small personal project served a dual purpose, practice for one and offering tribute to one of my favorite game series of all times. Of course, the concept art isn’t mine, it was done by¬†Meinert Hansen for Myst IV Revelations, developed and published by Ubisoft. My goal was NOT to redo the original model but to try and follow the concept as well as possible (or at least the way I saw it) and achieve 2 different visuals – one dark and gloomy and the second one colorful and joyous – mostly reusing the textures, but changing the lighting inside the 3D package (Softimage XSI) and further emphasize the different feels by post processing the renders in Photoshop. High poly details were sculpted in Zbrush, baked the normal maps using xNormal, tweaked and also used them as guidelines for creating the textures in PS 4. I set no limitations for this project in terms of polygon count, texture size or number of textures, but tried to keep it relatively low and reused assets throughout the scene.

Here’s my workflow in images.

This would be the final night time render for this scene, without post-processing.


The basic textures I'll be using. More details are to be added as well as the 2 different lighting moods.

A quick render to show what I have in mind for the textures

Some normals update

Achenar's House WIP_02


Achenar's House WIP_01

ZBrush sculpted wood planks

Journals, papers and part of the texture

Stock images used for the textures:
- journals leather covers
- leather stitching
- paper

A few props

And here is a glance at the textures I’m using in the scene.

Textures: diffuse, normal map, spec map.